Deb Haaland


Deb Haaland is one of the first two Native American women to be elected to the U.S. Congress. Biden has nominated Haaland to serve as U.S. Secretary of the Interior.

Status and Position

Current US House of Representatives of New Mexico

Political Party and Jurisdiction

Democrat, New Mexico


Election Jurisdiction

Started Campaign

Campaign Status

Poll Rankings (of the vote)

2020 House of Representatives Election NM-01 NM-01 Yes Running 58%

Campaign Financing

Haaland's campaign was primarily funded by individual contributions (about 83%), followed by PACs (about 13%), and other unspecified sources (about 4%). Source:

Voting Rights

Haaland is an avid supporter of voting rights and seeks to address and prevent voter suppression and intimidation tactics. Source:

Opinions on Issues




Universal Healthcare For Haaland supports Medicare for All, expanding healthcare access to vulnerable and marginalized communities, and increasing aid in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Source:,,,
Haaland has sponsored a Medicare for All bill in Congress that would pave a path towards universal healthcare, and has also sponsored legislation improving access to healthcare for Native American veterans in New Mexico. She supports increasing aid, both through financial relief and through expansion of healthcare services, due to the COVID-19 pandemic's disastrous health affects. Source:,,,
Socialized Healthcare For Haaland supports socialized healthcare measures such as Medicare for All and seeks to expand healthcare coverage to those in marginalized and BIPOC communities, who often do not have easily accessible and affordable healthcare. Source:,
Private Healthcare Nuance While Haaland hasn't necessarily advocated for the elimination of private healthcare, she does advocate for shifting to a universal healthcare coverage system and believes costs should be brought down for treatment and prescriptions across the board. Source:,
LGBT Rights For Haaland is a tireless advocate for LGBTQ+ equality and has supported numerous pieces of legislation and lead several LGBTQ+ equality efforts in order to protect the LGBTQ+ community and ensure their health and well-being. Source:,,,
Haaland is the co-chair of the LGBTQ+ Equality Caucus and Vice Chair of the Congressional Equality Caucus. She has spearheaded efforts to address LGBTQ+ health disparities in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, supported the expansion of LGBTQ+ protections to older Americans through amendments to the Older Americans Act, and called for the passage of the Equality Act, among other pro-LGBTQ+ measures she has advocated for. Haaland has also received the National center for Lesbian Rights Vanguard Award for her activism and allyship. Source:,,,
Taxes Nuance Haaland favors tax reform which increases taxation for the wealthy and for corporations in an effort to address the widening gap of economic inequality. Source:
Haaland proposes a financial transaction tax, replacement of the recently passed GOP tax bill, a new and improved estate tax, and the taxation of wealth generation in order to address the wealth gap and ensure wealthy individuals and corporations are paying their fair share in taxes. Source:
Flat Tax Rate Against Haaland supports the taxation of financial transactions, wealth generation, and estates in an effort to ensure that wealthy Americans and corporations are paying their share of taxes and to lessen the economic disparities facing Americans. Source:
Haaland proposes a financial transaction tax, replacement of the recently passed GOP tax bill, a new and improved estate tax, and the taxation of wealth generation in order to address the wealth gap and ensure wealthy individuals and corporations are paying their fair share in taxes. Source:
Abortion For Haaland supports abortion and sees it as a key part in protecting the freedom to choose how and when to raise a child. Source:
Haaland has advocated for the expansion of abortion services to make them more accessible and has joined the Women's Health Protection Act to protect abortion rights. Source:,
Gun Control For Haaland strongly supports several gun control measures aimed at reducing the kinds of firearms made available to the public and ensuring access to mental health services and screenings that may help to prevent acts of violence from occurring. Source:
Haaland calls for universal background checks and screenings, the closing of loopholes, the ban of the public selling and use of automatic-grade and military-style weapons, and the funding of mental health and preventetive programs in order to address gun violence and keep communities safe. Source:
Assisted Suicide Unknown No clear stance on issue.
Haaland calls for universal background checks and screenings, the closing of loopholes, the ban of the public selling and use of automatic-grade and military-style weapons, and the funding of mental health and preventetive programs in order to address gun violence and keep communities safe. Source:
Government Interference For Haaland supports government interference in several areas, including the expansion of healthcare, creating a fair and equitable economy, ensuring racial and gender equity, law enforcement reform, the stregthening of welfare and social services for service members and veterans, and protecting tribal lands, to name just a few issues. Source:
Planned Parenthood For Haaland is a supporter of abortion rights and access and has been endorsed by the Planned Parenthood Action Fund for her advocacy. Source:,
Welfare For Haaland supports numerous welfare and social justice measures on issues such as education, gender equality, labor rights, healthcare, racial equality, veteran care, and support for working families. Source:,,,,,,
Haaland is an advocate for several welfare reforms, including universal pre-K and debt-free college, gender equality through equal pay and abortion access, the protection of labor rights, implementing a Medicare for All system and reducing healthcare costs, promoting anti-discrimination policies and addressing police brutality, ensuring quality care and access to services for veterans, and advocating for a living wage for working families. Source:,,,,,,
Welfare Unknown No clear stance on issue.
Death Penalty Nuance Haaland has not necessarily advocated against capital punishment, however she has supported Native American tribes' right to decide whether or not one of their members should face capital punishment. Source:,
Haaland has advocated for tribes' right to determine whether they see capital punishment as appropriate punishment for one of their own members, supporting indigenous people's criminal jurisdiction over their own tribal members and lands. Source:,
Mandatory Prison Sentence Unknown No clear stance on issue.
Military Spending Nuance Haaland supports military spending measures that provide employment opportunities at milirary bases and labs, establish housing protections for military families, reform military base practices in order to prevent contamination of local environments, promote climate resilience, and respect tribal lands--all of which are included in the National Defense Reauthorization Act of 2020, which Haaland voted for despite its perceived shortcomings. Source:,
War on Terrorism For Haaland has condemned both domestic terrorism by white nationalist individuals and groups and terrorism overseas by extremist groups like ISIS and believes the latter should be combatted through military action. Source:,,
Foreign Policy International Interaction For Haaland has called for a "diplomacy-first foreign policy" which uses violence and force only as a resort and instead promotes cooperation and respect. Source:
Haaland has condemned "violence-first" foreign policy, arguing that diplomatic relations are much more effective at creating positive foreign policy, citing the Iran Deal as an example. Haaland has travelled abroad to the Middle East to meet with leaders, activists, and soldiers in Jordan and Iraq with this "diplomacy-first" foreign policy approach, cooperating and making strong alliances with these individuals. Source:,
United Nations power Unknown No clear stance on issue.
Nationalism Against Haaland has been vocal about her opposition to white nationalism and Trump's "Make America Great Again Platform," as well as advocating for United States law to restore criminal jurisdiction and other such political powers to tribal nations so as to respect their laws, customs, and values. Source:,,
Free Markets Nuance While Haaland hasn't necessarily condemned the free-market system, she does believe that government intervention is needed in order to make it equitable and accessible for all individuals, regardless of their socioeconomic background. Source:
Haaland calls for a tax system which taxes wealth generation, estates, and financial transactions to address the widening wealth disparity as well as policies that improve employee welfare such as establish a living wage and ensuring benefits and fair scheduling. Source:
Brexit Unknown No clear stance on issue.
Affirmative Action Unknown No clear stance on issue.
Government Spending For Haaland supports government spending when it comes to improving employee welfare, supporting the military, establishing welfare programs for marginalized and socioeconomically disadvantaged communities, providing Medicare for All, and the enforcement of environmental protections and advancement of clean energy technologies, just to name a few areas. Source:
Charter Schools Nuance Haaland opposes the racial segregation and lack of transparency in the charter school system. In a Medium article, she stated her belief that charter schools should not be expanded until "they are subject to the same accountability and transparency as public schools; public funds are not diverted to charter schools at the expense of public schools; biased and targeted expulsions and suspensions stop; and there is no longer de facto segregation of the highest performing students from those who are aspirational and whose potential may not yet have been realized." Source:
Common Core Unknown No clear stance on issue.
Clean Energy For Haaland sees climate change as a serious threat to the environment and humanity and proposes the tranisiton to clean energy, environmental justice , and the establishment of environmental protections. Source:
Haaland supports a transition to 100% clean energy and the creation of green jobs. She also sees climate change as a social justice issue, and therefore advocates for environmental protections and industrial regulations to protect vulnerable communities. Source:
Religious Freedom Nuance Although Haaland has not made any statements on freedom of religion, she is a part of the Civil Rights and Civil Liberties Subcommittee, a committee which upholds religious freedom as a constitutional right. Source:
Separation of Church and State Unknown No clear stance on issue.
Slavery Reparations Nuance Although Haaland has not expressed her views on slavery reparations for Black Americans, she supports reparations for Native communities and for the government to honor promises made to tribes. Source:
Border Control Against Haaland sees the current border control and immigration system as inhumane and calls for sweeping immigration reform to create pathways to citizenship for all. Source:
Haaland proposes the end of government-enforced family-separation, the abolition of ICE, the protection of DREAMers, and accessible pathways to citizenship for undocumented immigrants. Source:
Passenger Profiling Against Haaland is a supporter of the Justice in Policing Act as a response to police brutality and mass incarceration of people of color. One of the central tenants of the act is to prohibit profiling by law enforcement and mandate trainings on racism and discrimination. Source:
DACA For Haaland sponsored the Dream and Promise Act, which seeks to provide DACA recipients with legal status and is an advocate for DREAMERs right to citizenship. Source:
Sanctuary Cities For Haaland supports sanctuary cities, arguing that they actually make communities safer by eliminating the fear of deportation which prevents many immigrants from cooperating with public safety officials. Source:
Legalizing Marijuana For Haaland supports the legalization of marijuana, seeing it as a key step in addressing mass incarceration and criminalization of people of color. Source:,

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